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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
A's trade Lilly to Toronto for Kielty. (Yahoo!)

The Score Bard:
Beane's outfield was so bad he felt he
Should make it less Lucy Van Pelty,
While JP's poor mound
Was too Charlie Browned:
And thus was born Lilly-for-Kielty.
(The Humbug Journal)

A's looking to ship Hernandez, Long to San Diego for Kotsay. (Yahoo!)

Bryan Smith on the two Oakland deals. (Wait 'Til Next Year)

Free agent Pettitte meets with Astros. "Re-signing Pettitte is the No. 1 priority of the American League champion Yankees, who have said they expect to negotiate with him later in the offseason. Pettitte lives in the Houston area." (Yahoo!)

Back again: M's set to sign Ibanez. (Seattle Times)

David Cameron: "Bad, bad news. Not only have the Mariners decided to flush $13 million down the drain on Raul Ibanez, they're going to do so before the deadline to offer arbitration, meaning that we are voluntarily giving our first round pick to the Royals for the right to throw our money away." (U.S.S. Mariner)

Lil' Matsui's comin', lil' Matsui's comin'. Peter wants the Mariners to sign him. (Mariners Musings)

Realistic Free Agent Pick-ups. "Todd Walker is everything the Cubs need. He is a .290 career hitter with a .346 OBP. He has a BB/SO ratio similiar to Randall Simon but doesnt swing at anything and everything. Walker would fit nicely into the #2 slot hitting ahead of Sosa and possibly behind Patterson. Walker would be an excellent hit and run batter and when was the last time we had a .290 hitter in front of Sosa for an entire season? Sure would help him, instead of coming up most of the time with no one on base." (Cubs Pundit)

Barry Zito Arrested for Attempted Murder. "At least, that's the premise of this week's episode of JAG on CBS. In his latest artistic endeavor, Zito gives acting a whirl. He portrays a pitcher (what else) in the annual Navy-Marines baseball game who throws a malicious pitch and gets in trouble for it." (Barry Zito Forever)

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