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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Red Sox complete comeback, win Game 5. Derek Lowe struck out Adam Melhuse and Terrence Long with the tying and winning runs on second and third in the 9th. (Yahoo!)

Crummyball. We keep hearing that the A's have lost 9 straight games that could have clinched a series, but has anyone mentioned that the Red Sox have won 6 of their last 7 when facing elimination? They won Games 3, 4, and 5 of the 1999 ALDS against Cleveland, lost Game 5 of the 1999 ALCS against the Yankees, and won Games 3, 4, and 5 of the 2003 ALDS against Oakland. (

Gregg Rosenthal: "It was just enough. There was that terrible feeling that they sat on the lead, that they somehow let up offensively. One of many amazing stats from the series: The Red Sox won the damn thing with a total of four hits with runners in scoring position all series!! Just can’t happen against the Yankees- we need 2 run cushions and more to win." (Gregg's Baseball, etc.)

Bill Simmons: "Ever spend four hours doing the 'Let's break up/let's get back together' dance, then ultimately get back together in the end (at least for a couple more weeks)? That's what this A's-Sox series felt like. My team won three straight 'do-or-die' games -- each by the skin of its teeth, each in crazier fashion than the last, and each while being managed by somebody who almost appears to be crying out for help (we'll get to him in a second) -- and now we must regroup for a seven-game series with the Yankees, the most evil franchise in the history of sports." (

Damon hospitalized after on-field collision. "Damon was on the ground for nine minutes before being taken off the field in an ambulance. He had a 'significant concussion,' but was alert and awake when he was taken to Highland Hospital, Red Sox team doctor William Morgan said. Damon waved with his right hand as he entered the ambulance, which had driven onto the field. Fans responded with cheers for the former Oakland player." (

Playoff Health Report. "The Sox starters are also a bit strained. Pedro Martinez has gone deep in two starts while Derek Lowe was taxed as a reliever in two games as well as his start. Byung-Hyun Kim's shoulder continues to be a problem, but his middle finger and Grady Little's thumb will keep that from being a concern, but it may even come to Kim being left off the ALCS roster. The rest of the pen may be spotty, leaving Little to turn once again to Derek Lowe, something that doesn't play as well in a seven game series as it did in the A's series." (Baseball Prospectus)

2003 Playoff Preview: Marlins - Cubs. (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Tom previews the ALCS and NLCS. "As for the Marlins, I am so over them already. They knocked my team, the Phillies, out of playoff contention last month, and they had no business at all beating the Giants...Ivan Rodriguez is the only Marlin I'd pay to watch play. And I absolutely love that the Fish are the only underdog in sports history that nearly everyone hopes loses." (Shallow Center)

Jon Weisman:
The Marlins are the most disturbing organization in baseball today. Florida is the dumb oaf who gets all the girls - in high school and college. Florida is the Quick Pick lotto winner who got to retire at age 30. Florida the guy who sold his first screenplay.

If you take any pleasure in the Marlins' success, even at the expense of the Giants, then you're endorsing a world in which it doesn't matter who plays for your team. Just tell us what the score is. The end justifies the means.

Perhaps the proximity of the Giants in our state and in our psyche makes it too hard for some to root for them in anything. And sure, the Chicago Cubs have written their own legend with mistakes on the field and off.

But the Cubs have suffered for their sins like no other. If there is anyone outside Miami-Dade County rooting for the Marlins against the Cubs this week, they need a flogging lobotomy.
(Dodger Thoughts)

New weblog: The Book of Mike.
The intent of this blog was to cover my interests in baseball, but for the short term, the focus here will be the Florida Marlins. In terms of teams, the Marlins rank a distant third in my heart, behind the Chicago White Sox and University of Miami Hurricanes, but at this time, only the Marlins are playing.

Plus, there isn't a lot of Marlins coverage out there, so I'll try to do my share.

But against my normal tendencies, I think this site will be more qualitative than quantitative, at least until well into the offseason, but I'll provide plenty of links for you stat geeks, and I'm counting on Gleeman to give us a good, well thought out preview of the NLCS tomorrow. Plus we'll have plenty of links to Cubs sites (and hopefully those good fellows will drive some traffic to this site). :-) Hi Cubs! Please read! Send your friends.

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