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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Red Sox beat Yankees in Game 1 of ALCS. Tim Wakefield and three relievers combined on a three-hitter. The Yankees went down 1-2-3 seven times. Final score, 5-2. (Yahoo!)

Larry Mahnken: "Frankly, there's nothing I can fault the Yankees for in this game. Mussina didn't pitch well, but he didn't exactly pitch horribly, either. The Yankees didn't get hits off of Wakefield, but his knuckleball was moving all over the plate. It was a lost opportunity for the Yankees, but it was really something that the Red Sox took. And that's something that's important to understand. The Red Sox TOOK this game. Hey, news flash, '1918' crowd--they can actually do that. The Yankees haven't won by divine intervention, they've won by earning it. Boston is 25% of the way towards earning the pennant." (Replacement Level Yankees Weblog)

Jeff compares the Red Sox and Yankees to the Deltas and Omegas. (The House That Dewey Built, October 8)

Thomas Boswell: "The baseball world thinks the subtext of the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is the exhausted conceit of 'The Curse of the Bambino.' Please, give it a rest. What we have here, thanks to the Red Sox, is quite a different script. The Boston club, called 'renegades' by their own manager, are doing their own personal remake of 'Animal House' with George Steinbrenner as Dean Wormer." (Washington Post, October 9)

Prior, Sosa help Cubs get even. The Cubs led 8-0 after 3; 11-0 after 5; final score, 12-3. (Yahoo!)

Al Yellon: "It was the first blowout win for the Cubs since the 9-2 pasting they gave to the Brewers back on September 7, and they needed this one big-time after last night's tough loss. This is a way not only for the team to prove to itself that losing a heartbreaker doesn't break them, but to show their opponents that they have no fear." (and another thing!, October 8)

Aaron Gleeman:
If Dusty Baker pulls Prior after 5 innings, with the score 11-0 Cubs, Prior ends the night throwing just 73 pitches. At worst, that gives him a nice break from the heavy-workload he's had over the last several months. At best, it means he might be able to start on short-rest later in the series, if needed.

Instead, Baker let Prior throw another 43 pitches, during which time Prior gave up 2 homers, a single and a walk, before getting yanked in the 8th inning. Prior left the mound shaking his head, which is exactly what I was doing too.

I am desperately hoping that Mark Prior is just a special pitcher who can avoid any serious injuries, despite whatever massive pitch-counts he accumulates, but if his arm becomes completely detached from his body on a pitch at some point during the next couple years or simply explodes, no one should be surprised. Well, no one except for Dusty Baker, of course.
(Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Derek: "This will not stand, man. The Cub Chop must stop!...If you're guilty of performing this heinous act, in front of a national television audience no less, please stop now. If it's the guy/girl sitting next to you, please ask him/her politely to stop. If that doesn't work, please politely punch him/her in the face. Please. Please. Please. I am begging you." (Let's Play Two)

Derek Milhous Zumsteg:
"Bud Selig here."
"Fox calling. Bud, we want you to schedule both games Wednesday at eight o'clock Eastern."
"Both of them? But that doesn't make any sense."
"Do it!"
"Yes, master."
"And stand on one leg."
"You're not doing it, we're watching from the other building. Do it! And hop up and down."
"Good. Continue hopping for at least one hour. We'll be watching."
(U.S.S. Mariner)

Playoff Preview - American League Championship Series. "I have very little faith in White, Nelson and Heredia’s abilities to get the game to Rivera. Nelson has been ineffective much of the time and neither White nor Heredia are particularly good at getting lefties out. It’s just my hunch, but the Yankees are going to need to get Ortiz or Nixon out in some crucial 7th inning situation and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having Heredia do that job." (Baseball Primer)

New weblog: One Hundred Sixteen (Mariners).

Kevin looks back on "the double that saved baseball in Seattle, on the night when baseball non-fans became converts, casual fans became serious, and serious fans smiled or wept." (One Hundred Sixteen)

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