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Friday, October 03, 2003
Pettitte, Giambi rescue Yankees. Series tied, 1-1. (Yahoo!)

Zito helps A's take command in Game 2. A's lead series, 2-0. (Boo!)

High cost of free passes. Rob Neyer: "It seems to me that the 'We won't let Barry Bonds beat us' strategy has two effects, one obvious and one not so obvious (or provable). The first effect is that Bonds is on base all the time, and scores a bunch of runs because 1) it's not easy pitching with runners all over the place, and 2) the players batting behind Bonds are, after all, major-league hitters. The second -- maybe -- is that the other team's pitchers get all screwed up. Tony Gwynn brought this up recently, and I agree with him. Brad Penny's a good pitcher pitching a good game, and suddenly his manager essentially says to him, 'Son, I don't think you're good enough to get this guy out.' And Penny blows up." (

Prospectus Triple Play: White Sox, Cardinals, Rangers. "The principal reason that the Sox have consistently finished in second is because they've consistently been the second best team. Management's strategy has been to make one or two significant off-season moves that improve the team's chances, but do not place the Sox in a position to dominate a division that, at least since the demise of the Ramirez-Thome Indians, could easily be dominated. Some of those moves (Jose Valentin and Bartolo Colon) have worked out fine on their own merits, others (David Wells and Royce Clayton) haven't, but with each 80something win season, it hardly seems to matter." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Braves, Twins, Devil Rays. "The argument for naming Shannon Stewart the American League's Most Valuable Player is about as weak as they come--a complete media concoction which has absolutely no basis in reality, or regard for what 'valuable' means in any other context. It's a flawed argument made by individuals who would rather reward a mildly intriguing story than impressive play. In other words, it makes the argument for selecting Ichiro Suzuki over Alex Rodriguez back in 2001 look like a pinnacle of rational thought." (Baseball Prospectus)

American League "Quad" Leaders. "The way to win baseball games is to score runs when at bat and prevent runs when in the field. With respect to the offensive end of the game, the four components of 'The Quad' (times on base, on base percentage, total bases, and slugging average) are the true determinants of run production. The traditional Triple Crown stats are OK, but they have become a lazier way of determining value in this day and age of more sophisticated analysis encompassed in the study of sabermetrics." (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

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