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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
OK, Game Seven was tough, but it's been five days now, and I've stopped feeling sorry for myself and my fellow Red Sox fans. I've always been a glass-is-half-full guy, and in this case, the glass is at least 90% full. Unlike Mariners, White Sox, Royals, Cardinals, Astros, Expos, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Phillies fans, I got to see my team play excellent baseball in the final month-and-a-half and make the postseason. Unlike A's, Giants, Braves and Twins fans, I got to see my team win a series - an extremely thrilling series against an excellent team - and then go to the wire against an even better team. And unlike [long list of teams] fans, my team has a solid revenue stream, a smart GM, and an ownership group that's actually trying hard to win. We'll be back.

As for the whole 1918 thing - who cares? I'm not 95. I don't give a f--- what happened in the 20s, 30s, or any time before 1968, when I became a fan. Since then, the Red Sox have been good almost every year, sometimes much better than good. I've only had to endure six losing seasons, and only one season of more than 84 losses. No World Championships since 1968 - yeah, that's a bummer, but we do have the Cubs, White Sox, Astros, Rangers, Padres, Expos, Brewers, Mariners, Indians and Giants for company. The Red Sox have been better, during my life as a fan, than any of those teams, and better than many of the teams that did win a World Series or two in that time. It's been a great ride, and it just keeps on going.

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