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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Marlins get split in San Francisco. Sidney Ponson couldn't hold a 4-1 lead. Juan Pierre went 4-for-5. Series tied, 1-1. (Yahoo!)

DeRosa bails out Braves in Game 2. He won the game with a two-run, two-out double in the 8th. Series tied, 1-1. (Yahoo!)

A's top Red Sox in 12th with bunt. The Red Sox bullpen couldn't preserve a 9th-inning lead. (Yahoo!)

John Wiebe explains why Dodger fans ought to root for the Yankees if they play the Giants in the World Series.
For seven consecutive seasons, the Giants have finished with a better record than the Dodgers. The Giants have appeared in the postseason three times in that span, the Dodgers none. The Giants have made better trades, signed better free agents, and built a ballpark almost as perfect as Dodger Stadium. Giants fans have gone from shivering in the freezing winds at Candlestick with 10,000 other brave souls to basking in the cool breeze at Pac Bell with 40,000 of their closest friends, all the while watching Barry Bonds hit home runs into bodies of water.

They have more knowledgeable fans. They have one of the best training staffs in baseball, at least according to Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll and others. Every ex-Dodger they acqurie hits a home run to beat the Dodgers that very same year.

Dodger Stadium is a better place for baseball, in my opinion, than Pac Bell. But other than that, there are few things the Dodgers have done consistently better than the Giants over the past seven years, from an organizational point of view.

But the one thing the Dodgers have over the Giants--and we have to thank Dusty Baker for taking out Russ Ortiz in Game Six of last year's World Series--is that the San Francisco Giants still haven't won a World Series. If the Yankees beat the Giants in the World Series, it would be remembered as just another Yankee championship. But if the Giants won, it would mean the end to an era of Dodger fans at least being able to hang their hat on something when arguing with Giant fans.
(John's Dodger Blog)

Prospectus Triple Play: Astros, Brewers, Athletics. "While there are rumblings that the Brewers might move Richie Sexson, Geoff Jenkins, or Ben Sheets, it will be tough in this offseason to get the value necessary for taking away players that have greater perceived value to the fans than they have on the field. Finding players like Danny Kolb, Doug Davis, and Scott Podsednik shows that Melvin and his staff can find good players in the legions of Quad-A available talent. Now Melvin needs to prove that he remembers just how easy it is to find and not waste precious payroll on big contracts for players based on one good year. Every time Doug Melvin thinks about re-signing Podsednik to a long term deal, he should shuffle over to his predecessors files and look up the contract for 'Hammonds, Jeffrey.'" (Baseball Prospectus)

Derek Zumsteg says goodbye to Edgar Martinez. "I didn't understand the hype around Cal Ripken. I didn't get to see him that often, and I looked at the Streak and I wasn't impressed. When I was at the All-Star Game and saw how much people enjoyed seeing him, had come out to the game to see his last appearance at the Mid-Summer Classic, I understood that my not understanding didn't make their love for him any less real, and the fans from Baltimore found something in watching him play for their team for so long that maybe I wasn't ever going to understand it. Edgar has not been as durable, even as a designated hitter, but for Mariner fans, long-time or newly recruited, it's almost impossible to remember baseball in Seattle without him." (Baseball Prospectus)

Baseball Prospectus Chat: Joe Sheehan.
R.C. Cook (Dallas TX): Given that the Rangers' payroll is expected to be around $75-80 million next season, giving them very little financial flexibility this winter, what can John Hart do this off-season in order to make the team better in 2004?

Joe Sheehan: Make sure all the people whose contracts have expired have one-way tickets home.

The Rangers are better than people realize. They're stuck in a division with excellent teams, which makes them look worse than they are. If Hart can fill out the rotation with 400 innings of Steve Trachsel and his ilk, they might win 92 games.
(Baseball Prospectus)

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