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Friday, October 17, 2003
Boone's HR sends Yankees to World Series. (Yahoo!)

Joe Sheehan: "It can't be repeated enough. The Red Sox outplayed the Yankees in this series. There was little they didn't do as well or better than their rivals. It just came down to a poor decision by a man who won't get the opportunity to make the same mistake a third time." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Marlins, Yankees, Pirates. "Beckett and Cabrera, who were not even part of the team in June, are now, respectively, the best pitcher and the cleanup hitter for the National League champions. Even better, they have the good fortune of playing for a manager that continues to actually manage the team, someone not afraid of moving his young third baseman to right field in the middle of the NLCS or to let his ace pitcher toss four innings of relief in Game Seven. In a season full of wonderful surprises, Miguel Cabrera and Josh Beckett are two of the biggest and best." (Baseball Prospectus)

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