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Monday, October 27, 2003
Beckett pitches Marlins to Series title. Fish Fry, Week 30. (Yahoo!)

Alex Belth: "I feel more resigned and wistful than enraged or bitter. Had the Yankees played better and then lost, that would have been something different. But they didn't deserve to win, so what can you do but shrug your shoulders, and appreciate what the Marlins have accomplished?" (Bronx Banter)

Mike: "This is the third in a string of meaningless teams winning meaningless titles." (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Hello Goodbye. Rich Lederer compares Roger Clemens and Josh Beckett. (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

Internet Baseball Awards: The 2003 Results.
NL MVP - Bonds, SF
AL MVP - A. Rodriguez, TEX
NY Cy Young - Prior, CHC
AL Cy Young - Halladay, TOR
NL Rookie - Webb, AZ
AL Rookie - Berroa, KC
NL Manager - McKeon, FLA
AL Manager - Pena, KC
(Baseball Prospectus)

Potential free agents. The hot stove season starts now. (

Niles takes "a look at the short list of clubs that might be spending big this off-season." (Some Calzone for Derek)

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