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Thursday, September 11, 2003
With pressure on, Twins top White Sox. The four-game series finishes today. The Twins can pull back into a first-place tie, but they'll have to do it against Esteban Loaiza. (

Chicago honk puts Houston in NL Central lead. The Cubs led the Expos 4-0 in the 6th, with Matt Clement working on a no-hitter. But then things fell apart. (

Al Yellon has been attending the entire Cubs-Expos series in Puerto Rico. (and another thing!)

Chat wrap with Eric Neel and Jeff Merron, who have visited all the MLB ballparks and ranked them from 1 to 30. (

The Baseball Crank on the 1928 pennant race: Yankees vs. Athletics.

Christian Ruzich explains the playoff tiebreaker system. (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Orioles, Rockies, Mets.. "Jeff Conine was traded to the Florida Marlins last week, basically to cover their loss of Mike Lowell. While rumors earlier in the year had swirled around a Conine-for-Derrek Lee deal, when the deal was finally done it involved two minor league pitchers, Danny Bautista and Donald Levinski...[B]oth are likely to be numbered among the Orioles' top prospects (it's not like there's a lot of talent for them to beat out), which is an excellent return for an aging, average player." (Baseball Prospectus)

Baseball Prospectus Chat: Billy Beane. Starts Friday at 3:00 pm EST. You can submit questions ahead of time, though.

Aaron Gleeman on Andruw Jones. (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

The Wild Bunch. Bill Peterson on this year's races. (Cincinnati CityBeat)

King Kaufman on the paucity of football blogs. (Salon) (reg. req.)

Jon Weisman:
Twenty years ago today, Dodger Stadium hosted its greatest game.

It began swathed in bright blue skies and triple-digit temperatures. When it ended, 228 crazy brilliant minutes later, shadows palmed most of the playing field, and every Dodger fan who witnessed the spectacle found themselves near joyous collapse.

The game was between the Dodgers of Steve Sax and Pedro Guerrero, of Greg Brock and Mike Marshall ... and the Braves of Dale Murphy, of Bruce Benedict, of Brad Komminsk.

In the end, however, it came down to one man. A rookie named R.J. Reynolds.
(Dodger Thoughts)

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