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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Red Sox keep hold of AL wild card. They gained a game on the Mariners, who lost to the Rangers. Derek Lowe improved to 16-6. (Yahoo!)

Lowe's solid start proves he's on his game. Michael Silverman: "Lowe recorded 24 outs against the Devil Rays, who lifted just one ball to the outfield. Right fielder Gabe Kapler was the lucky recipient. Lowe got 17 outs on ground balls and six on strikeouts." Well, to be accurate, Rocco Baldelli's double was also lifted to the outfield, and Aubrey Huff's homer was lifted past the outfield, but it was still a classic performance. (Boston Herald)

PortlandSoxFan charts Lowe's last six starts. "Could this be the return of the 2002 Lowe that the Sox need to cement their playoff hopes and to actually give them a chance in the postseason? Let's hope so. A Lowe like this, combined with the Pedro we've seen over the last month or so can only lead to very good things."

Hunter leads Twins into first place. He drove in five runs, and the Twins took a half-game lead over the White Sox. (Yahoo!)

Chat wrap: Rob Neyer.
Paul (minneapolis): What do you think now of the Minnesota Twins decision to take Joe MAuer over Mark Prior in the 2001 draft. Will Mauer ever be as highly touted as Prior?

Rob Neyer: In retrospect, it looks crazy because Prior looks like the next Tom Seaver. Or Jim Palmer. Or . . . you get the idea. But Mauer's an amazing prospect, and if Prior blows out his elbow next season the Twins will be thrilled to have Mauer. The real problem is that Prior's already in the majors and playing brilliantly, while Mauer's in the minors and might take a year or two to establish himself once he does reach the majors.

Prospectus Triple Play: Astros, Athletics, Rangers. "The only improvement in the offense has been the revival of Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada. With Oakland's two biggest bats looming larger, the A's have averaged 5.0 R/G, up from 4.6 in the first half. The A's second-half offensive improvement can be attributed almost exclusively to the left side of the infield, a performance that has overshadowed the decline of the rest of the lineup." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Q&A: Ned Colletti, Part I. Jonah Keri interviews the Giants' Assistant GM. (Baseball Prospectus)

The Southpaw wants the Giants to go after Vlad Guerrero.

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