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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Playoff Preview - American League Divisional Series. "Boston’s offense is a big scary machine. They led the league in runs, batting average, slugging (by 47 points) and OBP; they were second in walks and homeruns. Walker, Varitek and Kapler have had their struggles in the second half but they are still potent. Oakland’s offense, on the other hand, should rise and fall with Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez. These two keyed the A’s second half surge for the second consecutive year and they will need to continue to hit if the A’s have a chance in the Divisional Series." (Baseball Primer)

2003 Playoff Preview: Marlins - Giants. "It's really pretty interesting. The Giants have a team with a left-handed superstar who is so good that he lures other teams into putting left-handed pitching on the mound. They have built the team around that superstar and, whether by coincidence or design, have surrounded him with hitters who absolutely feast on lefties. When you add in the fact that Bonds himself is hitting like .370 with an .875 slugging percentage against lefties in the last two years...well, it's not a very encouraging sight for a team relying heavily on two left-handed starters, like the Florida Marlins are." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

2003 Playoff Preview: Cubs - Braves. "If Chicago can put together any sort of offense in this series and if Dusty Baker can effectively manage the bullpen, I think the Cubs will surprise a lot of people. If I were Dusty, I would shorten things up so that the only guys seeing the light of day in anything resembling a close game are Remlinger, Farnsworth and Borowski. That gives him a lefty, a righty and a closer, which should be plenty in the post-season, especially with Chicago's starters." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Playoff previews from Ben Jacobs: Yankees-Twins, A's-Red Sox, Braves-Cubs, Giants-Marlins. (Universal Baseball Blog, Inc.)

Astros needed more Ensberg. Rob Neyer: "Any writer who says he'd be a better manager than the worst manager is either 1) lying (i.e. 'using poetic license') or 2) patently delusional. Which isn't to say managers don't do stupid things that you or I wouldn't. And giving Blum more plate appearances than Ensberg is pretty stupid." (

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