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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Moyer wins 20th as Mariners roll. They're still alive. Moyer is the 5th pitcher with a 20-win season in his 40s. (Yahoo!)

Rob Neyer: "What's amazing about Jamie Moyer isn't that he's still pitching effectively in the major leagues at 40. There have been plenty of pitchers like that, and in fact there are two others right now, in the persons of Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson. No, what's amazing about Jamie Moyer is that he's still pitching effectively at 40 after he spent his 20s not pitching effectively." (

Red Sox protect wild-card lead. Byung-Hyun Kim's last three save chances have gone as follows. Friday: out, out, hit batsman, hit batsman, hook. Sunday: out, out, out, game over. Monday: out, out, out, game over. (Yahoo!)

Giants drop Astros into first-place tie. The idle Cubs moved up. It was Houston's third straight loss. (Yahoo!)

Marlins win, extend wild-card lead. The Phillies come to Florida tonight for a three-game series, trailing the Marlins by one game. (Yahoo!)

Prospectus Triple Play: Marlins, Yankees, Pirates. "The Marlins are 69-48 under [Jack] McKeon, and he has to be considered the front runner for the Manager of the Year award. Admittedly, we are a long way from being able to judge the full effect that any manager has on a team. However, the award tends to be given to the skipper of a club that is surprisingly successful, and no National League team has a better claim to that description than the Marlins." (Baseball Prospectus)

Nothing Personal. In Part II of Susan Vinella and John Mangels' in-depth look at the Indians' development plan, they examine the decision-making process behind not re-signing Jim Thome. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Steps to Success. In Part III, Vinella and Mangels look at the Indians' methods for developing young prospects. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

It's a swing and a miss. Barry Larkin, who's been with Cincinnati for 18 years, has rejected the Reds' contract offer and will finish his career with another team.
"'The reason that the amount of money that they offered me was unacceptable is because of the principle,' Larkin said. 'I was surely not looking to break the bank. But there are other players out there that have been loyal to franchises and that have done some things in their careers that I think (were) respected by the franchises. This contract shows me the door, basically.'"
(Cincinnati Enquirer)

The 2003 Aaron's Baseball Blog Awards: Rookie of the Year.

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Dipping into all the mysteries of knuckler. Kevin Paul Dupont on Tim Wakefield. (Boston Globe)

17 straight in 2004...but where? Bryan on Greg Maddux's future. (Wait 'Til Next Year)

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