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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Marlins 5, Expos 2
. Florida completed a four-game sweep of the Expos to take the NL wild-card lead. (Yahoo!)

Prior defies rain, baffles Cardinals. He's 6-0 with an 0.57 ERA since coming off the disabled list on August 5. The Cardinals and Astros are now tied for first, 1 1/2 games ahead of the Cubs. (Yahoo!)

Brian: "As a Cardinals fan I don't mind Baker playing fast and loose with his young arms. Kerry Wood has been noticably worse this year when coming off of a taxing start. And Prior -- I'd like to say that I want to see him have a long, healthy, productive career, but the devil on my shoulder says otherwise. After the kind of horrible luck the Cardinals have had over the years with potential ace starters (Alan Benes, Darryl Kile, Rick Ankiel) I think a little schadenfreude is permissable." (Redbird Nation)

Joe Sheehan: "With a gun at my head, I'd pick the Cubs in the Central and the Phillies for the Wild Card, but there's no combination of teams that would really surprise me. I'd tier them as the Phillies, Cubs and Astros up top; the Marlins and Diamondbacks in the middle; and the Expos, Dodgers and Cardinals in the rear. Any of them can win, and that makes for an exciting month of baseball." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Angels, Cubs, Tigers. "Do you ever get the idea that Dusty is just toying with us? Its as if he wants to show how great of a manager he is by deliberately fielding mediocre players. Rumor has it that Baker has been trying to acquire Gerald Williams, Mike Lum and Chico Salmon." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Expos, Giants, Blue Jays. "Why make a big deal out of the [Giants'] inability to hit righties, when they're running away with the division anyway? Because it could make a big difference come playoff time...The worst first-round scenario for the Giants would be to face the Cubs or the Expos, neither of whom have any lefties to speak of. (Chicagoans speak of Shawn Estes as infrequently as possible.)" (Baseball Prospectus)

Derek Zumsteg on the AL Cy Young race: Esteban Loaiza versus Tim Hudson. (Baseball Prospectus)

Nate Silver compares Loaiza to unexpected Cy Young contenders from the past. (

Derek Milhous Zumsteg: "Boston fans like to believe their suffering was first sung by Homer, but I'll tell you that we stood and cheered for the M's when they had no chance at all facing Boston, when you hoped to be surprised by a good game, and every ticket you bought was a leap of faith that Alvin Davis might hit four home runs and pitch nine good innings, or something equally improbable would happen and the M's would pull one out. Boston's fielded winning teams since I was born, but the Mariners -- to be a long time Mariners fan has required faith, and boundless hope, and a love for baseball, even bad baseball by a bad team in a bad dome, supplied by a bad owner." (U.S.S. Mariner)

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