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Monday, September 15, 2003
Buehrle pitches White Sox past Red Sox. Chicago held Boston, best-hitting team in the majors, to 10 runs on 19 hits while taking two out of three in Fenway. (Yahoo!)

David Cameron: "The Mariners inability to make a move at the deadline, while all the other contenders 'loaded up' for the stretch run, has had absolutely nothing to do with the August-September swoon." (U.S.S. Mariner)

Colby Cosh on the refusal of MLB to call up a single minor-leaguer for the Expos' September stretch drive: "It's the overt, collusive, unapologetic manipulation of a pennant race. If it was wrong for Pete Rose to consort with gamblers because it might ultimately harm the fans' faith in the purity of on-field competition, and if it was wrong for the 1919 White Sox to throw the World Series, how much worse is it for baseball's owners to openly apply different rules to one team?...I for one would recommend a class action suit against Major League Baseball whose plaintiffs would include anyone who bought a ticket to an Expos game, home or away, this year." (

Shawn Weaver: "I really love baseball. You can watch two games in a row, played by the same two teams, and they will look completely different. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like they are playing by the same rules. Such games were played Saturday and Sunday by Cincinnati and Chicago." (Cincinnati Reds Blog)

Chat Transcipt: Billy Beane.
Dave S. (New York): You mention wanting as much value straight out of the minors as you can get because you're running a small-market team. Do think you'd use a different development strategy if you worked for a larger-market club?

Billy Beane: The advantage you would have in a large market is you would be able to retain the players that you had drafted and developed under your philosophy. My guess is that we would have a lot fewer questions about our lineup if a certain First Baseman was still around...who by the way embodies everything that we look for in an offensive player.
(Baseball Prospectus)

Walker Faces Tough Hurdle. Richard Lederer on Larry's Hall of Fame qualifications. (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. Central. "You really have to be a special kind of team to lose 120 games. Not only are the Tigers stocked with bad to mediocre players but they’ve also been ravaged by injuries. A sore hamstring has hobbled Bobby Higginson, but probably not as much as an ailing bat. His career is over, over, over." (Baseball Primer)

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