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Thursday, July 17, 2003
Yankees acquire Benitez from Mets for prospects.
NEW YORK (AP) -- If Armando Benitez thinks Mets' fans were tough, wait until he blows a save and has to deal with George Steinbrenner.

Benitez, the Mets' closer since 1999 and the team's only All-Star this year, was dealt across town Wednesday and will become the setup man for Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees will pay the remainder of Benitez's $6.75 million salary this year, which comes to $2,729,508, plus $456,434 in additional luxury tax. The Mets get right-handed pitchers Jason Anderson, Anderson Garcia and Ryan Bicondoa.

The Numbers Game. A long article about Bill James. (

The Professor of Baseball. Another long article about Bill James. (The New Yorker)

The First-Half (Part Two: The National League). (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Prospectus Triple Play: Angels, Cubs, Tigers. "In 2001, Brendan Donnelly, Scot Shields, and Francisco Rodriguez were all relative unknowns, without an inning of major-league experience between them. A year-and-a-half later, though, these three pitchers are the centerpiece of the best bullpen in baseball, along with Ben Weber, who made his debut with the Angels in 2000." (Baseball Prospectus)

Doug Pappas: "This column isn't about Bud. It's about Tuesday's USA Today feature, 'What's the Problem with Baseball?' and its companion, 'Ten Ways to Improve Baseball.' In the same week that USA Today won praise from Time for its journalism, it published a pair of articles which would embarrass a small-town weekly." (Baseball Prospectus)

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