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Thursday, July 31, 2003
This will be the last post for a while. Baseball News Blog will return on August 25.

Oakland gets Guillen from Reds. "This wasn't a painless trade, but it was pretty easy," said Billy Beane. (Yahoo!)

White Sox 15, Royals 4. Jose Valentin hit three home runs. Paul Konerko hit a grand slam. Chicago is just two games behind KC in the AL Central. (Yahoo!)

The AL playoff race is easier to understand if you combine the East and West divisions (call it the Coastal Division). The top three teams in the Coastal Division advance to the playoffs, as does the champion of the Central. The standings:
New York      65  40  --
Seattle       65  42  1
Boston        63  43  2.5
Oakland       61  46  5

Kansas City   57  48  --
Chicago       56  51  2
Minnesota     52  54  5.5

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