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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Reds shake-up: Team says enough is enough, fires GM Jim Bowden and manager Bob Boone. (Cincinnati Post)

Plenty of issues led to demise of Boone, Bowden. (

Derek Milhous Zumsteg: "Bowden's taking the fall for a lot of Carl Linder's mistakes, like the giant Barry Larkin signing (and subsequent press conference where they also announced that they'd be raising ticket prices). Bowden's not a perfect GM by any means, but stuck with the Reds he did a lot of sign-and-flips where he'd gamble on rehab projects, made the most of freely available talent, working the waiver wires and minor league free agents. As of today, he's my favorite not-me-or-my-friends candidate to replace Gillick." (U.S.S. Mariner)

Prospectus Triple Play: Marlins, Yankees, Pirates. "With the return of Nick Johnson Friday night, the Yankees had their Opening Day starting lineup available for the first time since...Opening Day. Actually, since Mariano Rivera wasn't available then, it's fair to say that the Yankees are at full strength for the first time all season." (Baseball Prospectus)

Midseason Muselix, Part Five. Rockies and Tigers. (Big Bad Baseball)

Midseason Muselix, Part Six. Marlins, Astros and Royals. (Big Bad Baseball)

Rich Lederer on Frank Thomas. (Rich's Weekend Baseball Beat)

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