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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Hey rookie! Traber's one-hitter stifles Yanks. "'It was Greg Maddux-like,' Yankees manager Joe Torre said of Traber needing just 2 hours, 11 minutes to shut out New York. 'He didn't throw hard, but you don't have to when you throw strikes. When somebody throws soft, it frustrates you. But you certainly admire and respect it.'" (

Dierker much more than your average manager. Rob Neyer interviews the former Astros manager, who has a book out. A book that he actually wrote, all by himself. (

John J Perricone: "I just wanted to touch upon my horror and dismay watching yesterday's win. The two idiots running the [Giants] after Alou's ejection yesterday, (Righetti and Wotus), had some sort of brain-lock and allowed 21 year-old rookie Jerome Williams throw an unbelievably taxing and exhausting 128 pitches against the best offense in the NL. (Only Baseball Matters)

Comparison: Dontrelle Willis vs Brandon Webb. "This comparison comes about because of the ridiculous attention being placed on Willis by the national media...The problem lies in the fact that another rookie pitcher who is arguably having an even better season is almost completely ignored." (Diamondback Bites, July 7)

The Most Underrated Player in Baseball. Aaron Gleeman says it's Mike Cameron. (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Derek Zumsteg: "Jamie Moyer is one of the weirdest ace pitchers in all of baseball, and at age 40 he's finally heading to an All-Star Game. Before this year, he's been slighted every time he's deserved it. This is because Moyer doesn't really seem like an All Star pitcher: he's not a big gun like Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez, flame-throwing power pitchers with equal measures intimidation and harnessed talent. No one promotes a Mariners series by saying 'Sunday, Jamie Moyer brings his 50 mph changeup to baffle Eric Chavez and the Oakland A's in a battle of AL West contenders.'" (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: White Sox, Cardinals, Rangers. "It's not often that a six-foot-five, 260-pound millionaire requires your assistance, but that's exactly the predicament that Frank Thomas is in, not having been selected as an All-Star reserve by the players or by Mike Scioscia, and stuck instead on the 32nd man ballot...Not to get sentimental or anything, but Thomas is one of the great players of our generation, in the midst of a vintage season, and it would be fitting to honor him in his home park." (Baseball Prospectus)

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