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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Gregg Rosenthal: "I'm changing jobs. I'm also changing coasts. I have time on my side, so I've decided to see tons of baseball on the way back across the country. It is the perfect time, something I've always wanted to do a baseball game a day. No real timeframe." He starts next week. Watch his blog for reports. (Gregg's Baseball, etc.)

Pedro, Kim combine to help BoSox edge Rays. BK is now the closer, and he closed one last night. (

Pineiro continues winning ways as M's pound A's. He pitched 3-hit ball over 8 innings. Mariners 13, A's 0. "'I told myself "I've got to go nine tonight and give the guys a rest,"' Pineiro said, speaking of the relief staff that is competing without injured closer Kazuhiro Sasaki. 'The weather's heating up a little bit and I'm feeling stronger. My command was there.'" (

David Cameron: "Mike Cameron's awesome. Andruw Jones, Carlos Beltran, Mike Cameron. Pick your poison, but Cameron's right there with them. I still don't think Cameron's going to be back next year, and someone is going to get themselves a huge bargain in free agency. Its not everyday you can pick up a gold glove player at a premium defensive position who can put up a .300/.400/.550 line. Nobody realizes just how good this guy is." (U.S.S. Mariner)

Blue Jays' Halladay wins 12th straight decision. "Halladay (12-2) has not lost in 15 starts since April 15. His winning streak is the second-longest in team history to Roger Clemens' 15-game string in 1998." (

Beltran, Colon: Should they stay or go? If they go there will be trouble, and if they stay it will be double. Sean McAdam floats some trade rumors. (

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. East. "The Yankees continue to roll. It’s quite amazing how many times they get behind early, only to rally, take the lead in the middle of late innings and bring in the Sandman to put out the lights. What makes it particularly sickening is that we, courtesy of ESPN and FOX, have had to witness all of these torturous Yankees-Mets 'clashes.' Hey networks, we get it already! The Mets suck and the Yankees rule – now please don’t show us every subway series next year because those of us outside of NYC really don’t care." (Baseball Primer)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. Central. "Is it really over? Is the Brandon Inge era really over? The Tigers optioned Inge to Toledo on June 18th, picking up the contract of well-traveled backstop A. J. Hinch (hitting 263/319/437 in AAA). So, is Inge the worst hitter ever? Hmm, it's close." (Baseball Primer)

John J Perricone: "[Albert Pujols'] terrific start has many writers suggesting he is a Triple Crown threat, which I find ridiculous. Sports Illustrated had an article in which they suggested he has surpassed Bonds as the best offensive player in the NL, another ridiculous assertion based on some 300 at bats." (Only Baseball Matters)

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