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Monday, June 30, 2003
Prospectus Triple Play: Indians, Dodgers, Mariners: "After a slow start, Ichiro’s been on an insane tear (May .389/.415/.558, June .440/.463/.604). In June, there have been only seven games where he hasn’t gotten two or more hits. Ichiro is leading All Star outfielders in balloting, and while many may argue he’s overrated, our own park-adjusted stats show Ichiro as the AL’s best right fielder. And the ladies love him." (Baseball Prospectus)

Thanks to Mets, Boss can't whine.
It was only three weeks ago that George Steinbrenner railed against the brutality of interleague play - a Bud Selig-sanctioned conspiracy which, The Boss believes, is specifically designed to sabotage the Yankees.

According to The Boss' us-against-them view of the baseball world, Selig knew the Cubs and Reds would be tougher opponents than the Brewers and Pirates this year, and that the commissioner willfully gave the Red Sox the easier crossover to the National League's Central Division.
But George didn't mention the Mets, who did a nice Yanni/Arli$$/Geraldo Rivera/Rocky V/Carrot Top/Chevy Vega imitation against the Yankees over the last two weekends. The Yankees are 15-2 since they were no-hit by the Astros (4-0 against teams that don't suck). (

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