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Thursday, June 05, 2003
Kim, Lowe pace Red Sox sweep of Pirates. Boston is back in first place. (

Kim Deal a Success Breeder? "It's just one start, but still it feels like the acquisition of Kim has added some much needed ballast to the club. As a fan, I certainly feel much better today than I did yesterday." (Bambino's Curse) (good headline)

AL notebook: Jeter named Yankees captain.
The honorary title wasn't a surprise. The way it was bestowed, and where, was curious.

Instead of waiting for the Yankees to return home to introduce him as captain, owner George Steinbrenner informed Jeter of his decision by telephone yesterday.

Why not wait until they got home?

"You've got me, really," Jeter said. "He said, 'Captain.' I said, 'Wot?' He said, 'Captain.' I said, 'Wot you want?'"
(Seattle Times)

John J Perricone: "Simply, the Yankees are fielding a defense that features a DH at first base (Giambi), a shortstop at second (Soriano), a third baseman at short (Jeter), and a left fielder in center (Bernie Williams). That's far too many question marks in the middle of the diamond, and David [Pinto] is right, whenever you watch the Yanks, you hear and see so many balls falling fair in the center of the field." (Only Baseball Matters)

Prospectus Triple Play: Orioles, Rockies, Mets. "We've said it before, but paying too much attention to performance in April is a good way to make bad decisions. Armando Benitez is just the latest example." (Baseball Prospectus)

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