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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
BK Kim 101. Tim looks at Byung-Hyun Kim's seven starts this season, and concludes that he could easily be 5-2 instead of 1-5. (Musings from RSN)

StatsGuru: "Joe Torre has managerial skills that work great when he has talented, intelligent, self motivated players. In that case, all he has to manage is their personalities. But when he has players who actually need to be coached, who need strategy laid out for them, who need a field general, he's not very good. So Steinbrenner is calling him on it. Good for Steinbrenner for not being fooled by the reasons for success." (Baseball Musings)

The Score Bard Joe Morgan Chat Wrap #2.
JB (Danville, CA): Score Bard - Did you enjoy Diana Krall last night? I thought she sounded great! The A's offense is scuffling, Dye comes back this weekend and Tejada is starting to hit a little. If you're Billy Beane where do you look to add some pop? I'd love to see them go after a corner outfielder or even a move for Roberto Alomar (the Mets have to be looking to dump salary). Thoughts?

The A's aren't in much a position
To make a big payroll addition.
They'll take Long out of action
And thus add by subtraction.
Yes, Krall is a gifted musician.
(The Humbug Journal, May 30 entry)

Sosa's legacy could be broken beyond repair. He was caught using a corked bat. (

Christian Ruzich: "Here's the interesting thing: corking a bat doesn't make the ball travel farther. It does increase your bat speed by making the bat lighter, but as Robert Kemp Adair proved in The Physics of Baseball, it does some other things that adversely affect how far the ball travels." (The Cub Reporter)

Interleague interference: DH Edgar Martinez takes a seat during NL play. Losing the DH will probably hurt the Mariners more than any other team. (Seattle Times)

Moyer-ly, M's still row along. Jamie Moyer shut out the Phillies, 4-0. Edgar wasn't needed. (Seattle Times)

Injured Jones comes through in clutch. Andruw pinch-hit a home run in the 8th to win the game for the Braves. (

Devil Rays select Young with first overall pick. Recap of the baseball draft. (

John Sickels analyzes the draft. "The Devil Rays added a power bat to their already deep stock of talented young outfielders. Young has enormous power, good overall tools, and has strong bloodlines. He is more advanced than his brother Dmitri was at the same stage of development, and he should move quickly for a high school player. A legitimate pick at first overall, though some observers feel the D-Rays should have picked Rickie Weeks due to Tampa's positional needs." (

Alan Schwarz on Roger Jongewaard: "The Mariners' longtime scouting and player development chief is baseball's unquestioned expert in using baseball's top draft selection -- which isn't as easy as it looks. There have been 38 No. 1 picks in draft history, and Jongewaard has made the best two: Alex Rodriguez (1993) and Ken Griffey Jr. (1987). Throw in Darryl Strawberry (1980) from his days crosschecking with the Mets, and Jongewaard has hit big where so many others have flailed miserably." (

The Southpaw has some ideas on how to revamp the draft. (The Southpaw, June 3 entry)

Loose cannons sometimes go astray. Rob Neyer on pitchers with control problems on and off the field: Ryne Duren, John Rocker, etc. (

Mudville Magazine has a new issue, including an interview with Michael Lewis.

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