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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Another hip-hop hooray: Casey's 2-out hit knocks off Cubs in 10th inning. More than half of the Reds' wins (18/35) have come in their last at-bat. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Masterful work by Burkett. He gave up doubles to the first four hitters, then retired the next eighteen. Red Sox 7, White Sox 4. (Boston Globe)

Rob Neyer: "The Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics, and Chicago White Sox have (at least) two things in common. The first thing is that they all were picked by a foolish columnist named Rob Neyer to finish this season in first place. The second thing is that they all, at this moment, would have trouble seeing first place on a crystal-clear day...Oh, and these teams all have a third thing in common: their pitching's been fine (or better), but they've not been able to hit their way out of a wet paper sack." (

Derek Zumsteg has assembled a series of selling points for baseball to use in its marketing campaign. Example: "For your safety, outside food and drink is greatly restricted so that baseball can guarantee you're only eating the finest concessions possible. Trained attendants will search your bags to ensure you haven't inadvertently chosen food or beverages that don't meet our rigorous standards of safety and quality." (Baseball Prospectus)

Bryan Smith: "The Yankees have a chance to run away with the AL East, and it will start in the next 15 games." They are all against the Devil Rays, Mets and Orioles, and Bryan predicts the Yankees will win at least 13 of them. (Bryball, June 18 entry)

Brian Carstens on the Cubs: "I see a GM who seems reluctant to take charge of the team and a manager who's no more capable of putting the best possible lineup on the field than his predecessor. I see a team that has severe offensive problems, with few signs that the team management even recognizes the problems, much less any solutions. And most importantly, I see a team that can't figure out how to get its young players, which it took years to accumulate and nurture, on the field." (The [Untitled] Cubs Page)

Travis Nelson: "The Orioles saying that Melvin Mora is the perfect example of what your team is trying to do is like a homeless guy saying that winning the lottery is the perfect example of what he's trying to do. Like I mentioned the other day, if you've got a 31-year old with a career .262 EqA (read: mediocre) and he goes on a tear and hits like the second coming of Babe Ruth for a couple of months, you count your blessings and maybe you reward him with praise and/or a bonus, but you can't expect anyone to take you seriously when you parade him around and toot your own horn as though you knew he was gonna do that." (Boy of Summer, June 16 entry)

Derek: "I hate interleague play because it makes me care less about baseball. And what the hell good is baseball if it doesn't turn me into an irrational, obsessive, opinionated lunatic who scares the hell out of everyone who knows me?" (Let's Play Two)

Al offers some random thoughts from Monday's Brewers/Cardinals game. "SL fans were very vocal in their approval [of Miller Park], I overheard several say something to the effect of 'nicest place I've been' (often followed by the disclaimer, 'other than Busch'), and one pair of gents talked about how they hope the next SL park has a roof of some type, and said 'if they do, I hope it's as nice as this one.'...Once again, I can't say I've heard a negative word from someone who has seen it firsthand, it's all people who have a grudge to bear, or simply show their ignorance." (Al's Baseball Ramblings)

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