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Friday, May 23, 2003
The Ultra-Super-Closer. Robert Tagorda: "Many baseball observers, including Scott Miller of, have been puffing about John Smoltz's 72 consecutive appearances in team victories, pointing at the streak as a sign of dominance...Still, is Smoltz more dominant than, say, Eric Gagne? I'd say no." (Priorities and Frivolities)

Prospectus Triple Play: Expos, Giants, Blue Jays. "You can't beat Murphy's Law. Immediately after we sang the praises of the bullpen in our last Giants Triple Play, San Francisco relievers began a meltdown of Schiraldian proportions." (Baseball Prospectus)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. East. "I can spit eye-popping Blue Jays numbers at you all day long. The Jays are #1 in the majors in runs scored and runs per game. The Jays are #1 in the majors in OPS. The Jays are tied for #1 in the majors in OBP. The Jays are #1 in the majors in slugging percentage. The Jays are #1 in the majors in batting average. Vernon Wells is on pace for 155 RBI and 121 runs scored. Carlos Delgado leads the AL in OPS and in most runs-above-replacement metrics, and is on pace for 162 RBI himself. Shannon Stewart is on pace to score 117 runs; heck, Josh Phelps is on pace to score 100 runs." (Baseball Primer)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. West. "The Mariners have so far aptly answered doubts about how competitive they'll be (it seems so far that the Mariners should be rebuilding like Edgar Martinez should be retiring). Seattle currently owns the best record in the American League--second in the majors to the Atlanta Braves. But this is a team that was on top for much of 2002 before a late-season collapse kept them out of a playoffs. So the census of the chickens has been postponed until such time as they have been safely extricated from their eggs." (Baseball Primer)

Derek Milhous Zumsteg: "[Freddy] Garcia not only has only one good start to his credit since last July, he doesn't care. People boo him because he's not trying, because he's pouting on the mound, and if they wanted to see a toddler throw a tantrum, they'd have stayed home and saved on the babysitter." (U.S.S. Mariner, May 22 entry*)

Jonathan Leshanski is enjoying the Mets again, for now. "When you look at this team and see the NY Mets irregulars (C Vance Wilson, 1B Jason Phillips, SS Joel McEwing, 3B Ty Wigginton, OF Raul Gonzales and tonight’s hero Marco Scutaro) on the field it’s almost refreshing and it makes you believe that this team is beginning to head in the right direction. It even makes you forgive Roger Cedeno (who has been looking like a real ballplayer again) who is obviously trying in the outfield and making contact with the baseball at the plate." (At Home Plate)

Fan tackled by Romano, charged with trespassing. "'That's no place for people to be,' [Dodgers manager Jim] Tracy said. 'You don't belong out there. If I was sitting near someone who did that, I'd tell on them, because that's not right.'" Why would you need to tell on him? He's on the field! (

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