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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Michael: "OK, so you're not feeling well. What do you do? Why you go seek the heeling powers of The Church of Baseball. We went to 'The Joan' tonight (OK, this is a stretch - I'm calling TPFKAC™ 'The Joan' right now because Joan Cusack is the spokesperson for U.S. Cellular, and I still can't call TPFKAC™ U.S. Cellular Field, so calling it 'The Joan' seems twistedly appropriate.)" (My Mundane Mid-Life)

Ben Jacobs: "On the off chance that the New York papers are reading my blog, I'd like to say one more time: The Red Sox were never, ever even remotely interested in trading for Bartolo Colon. Got that? Never." (Universal Baseball Blog, Inc.)

Mike looks back at the Pine Tar Game. "Brett should have been out. The rule should have been changed to eradicate the inappropriate interpretation in the future. This may seem a logical inconsistency on my part, but I think that as with balls and strikes calls, the most important thing for an ump is consistency." (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Prospectus Triple Play: Red Sox, Reds, Padres. "Shea Hillenbrand continues to be the primary trade bait for the Sox, rumored at various times to be headed to the Mets in an Armando Benitez deal, or to the Cubs in a three-way with the Reds. But if the Sox aren't careful his market value could plummet soon. His batting average has dropped 40 points the past two weeks (he hit .338/.387/.495 in April, .231/.255/.328 so far in May), and he hasn't homered since April 25th." (Baseball Prospectus)

Aaron Gleeman reviews Moneyball. (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Brad Zellar praises Ron Gardenhire. (Yard: The Blog)

Toronto hitters pound Chisox. The Blue Jays lead the majors in runs scored with 275 -- 15 more than the second-place Red Sox. (Toronto Star)

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