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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Loaiza Has O's Number: 0.
The Baltimore Orioles wanted veteran starting pitching this winter to give their prospects more time to develop in the minors, so they dished out $7.5 million to Omar Daal and another $1 million to Rick Helling; combined, they have given the Orioles four wins in 15 starts.

For $500,000 -- chump change in baseball's twisted economics -- the Orioles could have had Esteban Loaiza and made their own hitters happy in the process, for the simple reason that they would not have had to face him.
(Washington Post)

Charles Laquidara: "SO..... I sign up for MLB TV in order to get the games live here in Hawaii. I sign up to get all the Red Sox games, I pay through a credit card and -Voila! Right?? ....No...Not quite... The credit card I gave has a Massachusetts billing address, so guess what? I am frigging prevented from watching all the Red Sox home games (6000 miles away), because their computer flags me AS LIVING IN MASSACHUSETTS AND SUBJECT TO BLACKOUT OF ALL HOME GAMES!!!!" Of course, MLB customer service took care of the problem right away! (In the Mind of Laquidara)

Eddie Matz: "What's worse than losing a game to the worst team in the league? How about losing three games to the worst team in the league. In a row. At home." (Baltimore City Paper)

Where Have All The Jo-Jos, Bobos, And Mules Gone? In the 1929 World Series, there were Lefty, Mule, Bing, Homer, Rube, Footsie, Sheriff, Kiki, Woody, Gabby, Riggs, Zack, Chick, and Hack.. In the 1986 World Series, all we had were Mookie and Oil Can. "Now look at the boxscores from last year's Series. There's not a good, enduring nickname in the bunch, and if a guy like David Eckstein isn't ripe for a good moniker, who isn't? I say it's time we start tagging these modern players, pronto. Any ideas?" (Yard: The Blog)

The C & C Baseball Factory. Christian Ruzich and Will Carroll discuss pitching injuries and the Cubs. (The Cub Reporter)

Reds rip Cardinals again. "Someone inform Bill DeWitt Jr., Fred Hanser, Andrew Baur and the other members of the St. Louis Cardinals, LP. There has been a transfer of title. The local major league baseball team is now owned by the Cincinnati Reds, certified with a 7- 2 victory on Tuesday night." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Brian: "Groundhog Day continued for the Cardinals tonight. This was supposed to be a brand-new day in St. Louis -- the team back at home, sleeping in their comfy beds, dried out from the rains in Chicago and the thunder in Cincinnati. Instead we re-lived the same old same old: another early Reds lead, a couple more big Reds homers off of hanging breaking balls, another loss to a questionable Reds starter. Haven't we been here before?" (Redbird Nation, May 14 entry)

Everett can still get offensive: Carl bashes ball, Boston. "I don't like this town, Boston is not a fun town for a person like me." (Boston Herald)

Edward Cossette: "No, Carl the Troll, it isn't. How could a city that prides itself on having an erudite culture be a fun place for someone who doesn't believe in dinosaurs and thinks the moon landing was faked?" (Bambino's Curse)

Fearing Freddy's Fall. Derek Zumsteg on Garcia's struggles. (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: White Sox, Cardinals, Rangers. "There's no clearer sign that a guy is pressing than when he's swinging a lot early in the count, and that is exactly what is happening with the struggling Joe Crede, whose average of 3.19 pitches per plate appearance is among the lowest in the league. Crede's defense is an asset, and he has nothing more to prove at Triple-A, so the Sox are going to have to stick this one out, and work on getting his confidence back up, perhaps resting him against tough right-handed pitchers." (Baseball Prospectus)

Dan Werr presents maps of the US showing each team's territory, as defined by MLBTV. (Baseball Primer)

Bi-Weekly Review: N.L. East . "The NL East is looking to be the strongest division, where even the Mets and Marlins are playing the other divisions to a tie, while the Braves are smashing them, and the Expos are just better. What really makes that good is that the Braves, while in first by three games, have struggled within the division – that means one fantastic divisional race – wild card or not." (Baseball Primer)

Bright angle at hot corner. Gordon Edes on Bill Mueller. (Boston Globe)

Mussina merely mortal to Angels, loses first. Derek Jeter is back, though. (

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