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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Derek: "'s Page 2 is establishing a Whiner's Hall of Fame. Yet neither Tony LaRussa nor Jim Edmonds is currently enshrined. Please help rectify this problem by nominating them for enshrinement. It's your duty as an American and a Cub fan." (Let's Play Two, May 20 entry)

Vina improving at the plate. He's starting to overcome his horrible start. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Matt: "Speaking of Fred Vine, he's been hot lately. I'd still be one of the happiest guys around if we got somebody good in a trade for him, but it's gotta be a pitcher's worst nightmare to face the Cardinals when Vina, Matheny, and Tino are all hot, because when Drew's playing right they'd have to face 8 and 1/2 great hitters. Then again, I think it's a near mathematical impossibility for Vina, Matheny, and Tino even to get on base in the same game. In fact, I'm willing to bet $500 that any time the 3 of those guys reach first base by hit or walk in the same game, it's a comfortable Cardinal victory." (Redbird Nation, May 22 entry)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. Central. "All of the strains and pulls and brokes noses have resulted in some funny looking Twins lineups, with Doug Mientkiewicz, a Gold Glove first baseman, and Denny Hocking, a light hitting utility man, both making several starts in right field." (Baseball Primer)

Kansas City 14, Seattle 5. Carlos Beltran hit two three-run homers. Freddy Garcia lost his third straight start. (

Derek Zumsteg on the Wrigley Field Premium scam. "[T]he Cubs went out of their way to create a system that utterly screws the fan so that few good tickets are available at face value. They then don't have to share the revenue they're making on the side, thus screwing the revenue sharing in the CBA they just voted for and creating a weird system so complicated they hope that the average fan would give up." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Angels, Cubs, Tigers. "At 6.5 games out of first place, the Angels desperately need to go on a run in order to keep themselves in the hunt. At this time last year, the Angels were 26-17, and 2.5 games out of first place behind the Mariners. Unlike last season, however, both the A's and Mariners are playing well this year, and are unlikely to give up much ground to the defending World Champs over the next few weeks." (Baseball Prospectus)

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