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Friday, April 25, 2003
Worst Baseball Stadiums. readers sound off. "While most people fall over themselves praising Pac Bell, I feel empty every time I attend a game there. This is a stadium where the stock ticker above left field is given more attention than the out of town scoreboard," sez Erik Van Buren of Los Altos, California.

Bruce Markusen's Cooperstown Confidential for April 25. "Under other circumstances, I might be inclined to consider him as a 'Comeback Player of the Year' candidate, but he did have 26 home runs and 15 stolen bases last year, so perhaps we might have to create a new award, something like 'Most Improved Player.' That might be the best way to categorize the Yankees’ Raul Mondesi, who looks like a different player in 2003." (Baseball Primer)

Bi-Weekly Review: A.L. East. "Boston is going to have a very good offense; and the pitching should get better. While they are lucky to be 14-9 right now (.484 Pythagorean record), they should still win 90 games this year, unless Burkett/Wakefield/Fossum continue to struggle." (Baseball Primer)

Bi-Weekly Review: N.L. Central. "The Astros combine the worst of both worlds - a groundball oriented staff with a poor infield defense behind them...These guys would probably kill to get the infielders of the Cubs or Pirates behind them." (Baseball Primer)

Art Martone: "Funny thing about heart and courage and moxie: Those qualities have an uncanny correlation to the number of baserunners you have when the game is on the line. Because to drive home baserunners, you must have runners on base. It's only natural." (Providence Journal)

Fun with Quotes from The Southpaw.

Baseball bill sent for a vote. Oregon is trying to lure the Expos to Portland. (Oregonian)

Rob Neyer: "Questec is one of the greatest inventions since the Phillips head screwdriver. If we want a bigger strike zone, we can build a bigger home plate." (

Joe Sheehan on Jack Morris. (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Angels, Cubs, Tigers. "The major reason for optimism on the North Side this spring was the potential of the young pitchers, and they have been everything the Cubs could have hoped for thus far." (Baseball Prospectus)

Padres 2, Cubs 1: Cubs' lumber still slumbering. (The Daily Southtown) And so...

The Cub Reporter is temporarily The Padre Reporter.

Geoff Young: "Hey there, and welcome to The Padre Reporter." (The Cub Reporter)

Aaron Gleeman: "The whole 'we are forcing things' when a team (in any sport) is playing poorly has got to be one of the most often used cliches in sports. Is that what's really happening [to the Twins]? Who knows. I am sure they are putting pressure on themselves to score some runs, but is it really affecting their ability to do so? What was affecting their ability to score runs earlier in the year, before they realized they weren't scoring?" (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

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