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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Rob Neyer: "When you're a fan of a lousy team, you learn to take your small pleasures where you can find them, and revel in baby steps toward respectability....And I like the direction the Royals are taking." (

Mike on the DH debate. (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Cooperstown Confidential: Opening Week Edition. Bruce Markusen on the history of the DH, and the top 10 Opening Day milestones and achievements involving Hall of Famers. (Baseball Primer)

Will Carroll: "[Ken] Griffey's injury is much more reminiscent of Phil Nevin's injury than Derek Jeter's, both in mechanism and result. Reports from Cincinnati indicate that, like Nevin, Griffey is likely out for something in the order of months rather than weeks." (Baseball Prospectus)

Unbeaten Giants on Cruz control in downing Padres. Two homers for Jose. Giants are 7-0. (

Gwen Knapp on the Alou brothers. "Felipe came to this country first, encountering racial discrimination that younger Dominicans couldn't imagine...Jesus Alou said he didn't face the same prejudice that his brother did. He believes that Felipe, by enduring so much so well, made things easier for the next generation." (San Francisco Chronicle)

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