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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Montreal's house of horrors. Jeff Merron on Olympic Stadium. "The stadium, half-built in time for the 1976 Olympics, has a well-deserved bad reputation. With a grandiose design, poor construction, frequent mini-disasters (explosions, fires, falling beams, roof cave-ins, etc.), and a patchwork quilt of ineffective fixes, the tomb-like structure has saddled Montreal with a mountain of debt and driven away baseball fans in droves." (

Olympic Stadium disaster timeline. (

Bob Elliott: "There is a lovable underdog quality to the Montreal Expos. Think the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League." (Slam! Sports)

Expos win second home opener. (The first one was in Puerto Rico.) They beat the Diamondbacks, 4-0, behind Tomo Ohka. (Slam! Sports)

Paul Sullivan ranks the MLB parks from 1 to 30. Olympic Stadium is 29th. The dump de tutti dumps, according to Sullivan, is Shea. 1 thru 10: Wrigley, Fenway, Pac Bell, Yankee, Camden, Dodger, Safeco, PNC, Kauffman, Coors. (Chicago Tribune - registration required)

Derek offers his opinions. "Coors Field. Been there often. Named after beer, that's good. Named after bad beer, that's bad." (Let's Play Two)

Doug Pappas on the Angels sale: "I'd wager a considerable sum of money that franchise values will appreciate much more slowly over the next few years than over the past 10...To match [the past 10 years'] growth, the average club would have to be worth $525 million in 2007, $800 million by 2012. I don't think so..." (Doug's Business of Baseball Weblog)

Prospectus Triple Play: Red Sox, Reds, Padres. "Despite the repeated comments to the contrary in the media over the past year, the trade for Ken Griffey, Jr. was a good idea at the time. The fact that Mike Cameron has produced more for his team than Griffey has since the trade is a reflection of the injuries that have derailed Griffey's career, injuries which could not have been foreseen at the time. In contrast, re-signing Barry Larkin to a three-year extension at age 36 was an obvious mistake from the beginning." (Baseball Prospectus)

Derek Zumsteg on dangerous fans: "As much as it pains me to admit this--being a big proponent of alcohol myself--I don't doubt that many of these morons are drunk. And while I'd love to be able to deny it, I grew up in white-trash suburbs and...yeah, these guys typically look exactly like I fear they will when people tell me there's been another incident at a baseball game. Is the solution then to keep mullets out of stadiums? Or perhaps to screen entrance to the stadium by asking fans if they think Trans-Ams are cool, followed by severe beatings?" (Baseball Prospectus)

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