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Monday, April 28, 2003
Milled down: Phillies' Millwood throws no-hitter, has Giants seeing red. "When the Giants lost Game 7 of the 2002 World Series, they prayed for the day they could forget the sight of 25 opponents in red uniforms mobbing one another in a joyous celebration at the mound." (San Francisco Chronicle)

Rob Neyer: "Prior to the season, 27 'ESPN experts' were asked to predict the award winners. For the National League Cy Young Award, 15 votes went to Randy Johnson. Five went to Mark Prior and three went to Roy Oswalt, with the remaining four votes going to four different pitchers. One vote went to Matt Morris (Matt Pike), one went to Wade Miller (Jeff Brantley), one went to Curt Schilling (Bob Klapisch) ... and one went to Kevin Millwood (Rob Neyer)."

Jayson Stark: "You think the Braves wanted to trade Kevin Millwood to Philadelphia? You think they wanted to hang by their TVs Sunday, watching Millwood pitch a no-hitter for somebody else? You think they wanted to let Millwood go off and become an ace for a team whose main goal in life was to force the Braves to start their offseason golf program as early this autumn as possible?" (

Prospectus Triple Play: Expos, Giants, Blue Jays. "Vladimir Guerrero will drive you nuts if you watch him long enough...And you know what? You live with it. You live with it because he's slammed an amazing 410 extra-base hits over the last five seasons, and because he's one of the few players in the game who'll make you stop everything you're doing to focus all your attention on him." (Baseball Prospectus)

Jays rally from way back to beat K.C. Six runs in the 9th. (Toronto Star)

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