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Monday, April 21, 2003
Lawrence Rocca: "It probably won't happen next week or next month, although you never know with Steinbrenner. But if the Yankees don't win it all this year, Torre is gone. If they don't make it beyond the first round of the playoffs, Steinbrenner might yank off his pinstripes right there in the dugout." (Newark Star-Ledger)

Ben: "The scary thing about the hot starts by the offenses of the Yankees and Red Sox is that each team's Giambi is struggling." (Universal Baseball Blog, Inc.)

Al Shank: "Since 'Chicago' won all those Oscars, and my wife is (sort of) from Illinois and used to go to what she calls 'Cubs Park,' my friend and Tidbits reader John Carbon is a major Cubs fan, my father-in-law roots for both Chicago teams and, finally, because both Chicago teams are off to good starts, I decided to take a look at the White Sox and Cubs." (Al Shank's Baseball Tidbits)

Brian Carstens: "Does Fred McGriff become even more of a bad memory each passing day or what? Hee Seop Choi seems too good to be true. Actually, he is too good to be true; like I said the other day, he can't possibly keep those numbers up." (The [Untitled] Cubs Page)

Bruce Markusen's Cooperstown Confidential for April 19. The best Puerto Rican-born players, position by position; players who have worn nicknames on their jerseys; and more. (Baseball Primer)

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