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Friday, April 18, 2003
g: "Watching Kirk Rueter sail through four innings before giving up forty-seven hits in the fifth was familiar. Not familiar like the smell of an old uncle's smoking jacket, but familiar in the 'What's that sound? I thought I told you to put out the rat poison last night? Well, then what's that sound?' kind of way." (Waiting for Boof)

Joe: "I don’t know what was more surprising to me: the fact that Carlos Baerga hit a grand slam, a two-run home run and an RBI double en route to a career-high 7 RBI, or the fact that Carlos Baerga is only 34 years old." (Baseball Writing)

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Advance Scout: Red Sox, April 18-21. At the start of each Blue Jays series, Batter's Box takes an in-depth look at their opponent. Cool.

Alan Schwartz interviews Blue Jays slugger Josh Phelps, who needs just 29 hits to become the all-time leader for hits by players born in Alaska. (

Edward Cossette: "Since booing Pedro is anathema to me, I've been trying to figure out what would make a so-called Red Sox fan do such a thing. And this is my conclusion: Some people are not satisfied watching the game on the field — They want to be part of the action. By booing they attempt to be somebody, to insert themselves into the game any way possible, even if their actions are shameful (booing) or downright heinous (running onto the field to attack an umpire)." (Bambino's Curse)

Wood hits one of four homers in 16-3 rout. The Cubs® have scored 37 runs in their last 3 games, all against the Reds. (

The Cub Reporter hopes that the Cubs® won't go after Miguel Tejada.

Rob Neyer: "There's a significantly better chance that both the Royals and Pirates will finish fourth rather than first or even second. But Allard Baird and Dave Littlefield both deserve credit, because at least they've got their teams headed in the right direction." (

John Perricone has bad news about Robb Nen, the Giants' injured closer. (Only Baseball Matters)

Aaron Gleeman: "At what point does a player take all the decision making away from a manager and simply force himself into the everyday lineup? I'm not exactly sure what that point is, but I'm pretty sure Bobby Kielty is getting damn close to it." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

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