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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Cheer the Reaper. Andrew Miller on Jason Grimsley. (

Prospectus Triple Play: Yankees, Marlins, Pirates. "Thirty-seven runs in 14 games, a cool 2.6 runs per game. That's Tiger Territory, and is what the Pirates' bats have registered after tallying 33 in their opening four contests...In addition to his weekly start behind the plate, [Craig] Wilson should be getting all the right-handed platoon at-bats at first base, plus a bunch at either corner outfield spot. If [Lloyd] McClendon isn't going to take advantage of Wilson's sole strength--his bat--why bother having him on the roster?" (Baseball Prospectus)

Lonnie Wheeler: "Citizens of Hamilton County, let me ask you this: If you had known that the Reds would enter their new ballpark with baseball's 17th-highest payroll (11th in the National League), would you have voted to tax yourself for the $280 million required to build it?...[D]id you realize that, without Larkin and Griffey in the lineup -- a situation to which we have become all too accustomed -- the Reds are actually taking the field with the second-lowest payroll in all of baseball, ahead of only Tampa Bay? This is what we've been eagerly awaiting all these years?" (Cincinnati Post)

John J Perricone: "The Giants are off to their best start in 65 years, (or 85 years, whatever), led by, of all people, the screaming-hot JT Snow, who is leading the majors with 21 RBI, (and is second in batting average to the unbelievably more-unconscious Jim Edmonds), and has come out of the gate with a sizzling .385/.475/.694...All I can say is, I never imagined Snow could rebound from his miserable performance of the last two seasons and put together a run like this, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. I will be eating the biggest helping of crow you can imagine if this keeps up much longer." (Only Baseball Matters)

Fish Fry, Week 3. Don Malcolm analyzes the Marlins. "So far this year, [Vladimir] Nunez has been the major reason why the Florida bullpen has kept the Marlins flopping around and gasping for air." (Big Bad Baseball)

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