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Friday, October 11, 2002
Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I can't blame Blogger this time; things have just been crazy. I do hope to get back to posting four or five days a week until the end of the postseason. Thanks for your patience.

Jonah Keri: "When The Boss goes looking for a new vessel to take millions of his dollars this off-season, priority number one should be addressing his atrocious defense up the middle. Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams have all the range of doped-up manatees. Alfonso Soriano won't make anyone forget Frank White either. Jeter and Williams need to move to other positions, maybe Soriano too if the Yanks can find the right new bodies. And no, a $20 million deal for Steve Finley isn't the answer." (Baseball Prospectus)

Allen Barra: "[W]hen teams start gathering under the grapefruit league sun next spring, the Yankees will have, at least, Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte and, yes, an older and presumably less mistake-prone Alfonso Soriano, as well as a couple of the most desirable free agents around regardless of cost. I can't name anywhere near as impressive a group of names for the Angels, Twins or A's, or, for that matter, the Cardinals, D'Backs, or Braves, so come to think of it, maybe baseball has a team of the future after all." (

Derek Zumsteg revisits his A's-Twins forecast. "Trying to predict the outcome of a short series is folly. I'd rather try and predict next week's Seattle area weather." (Baseball Prospectus)

Baseball Primer's 2002 AL MVP Award. Garret Anderson in a landslide!

Baseball Primer's 2002 NL MVP Award.

Baseball Primer's 2002 AL Cy Young Award.

Baseball Primer's 2002 NL Cy Young Award.

Baseball Primer's 2002 Rookies of the Year.

Schmidt dominant in Game 2. The Giants are almost there. (SF Gate)

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