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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
The Minnesota Twins: A Plan for the Future by Aaron Gleeman (part 2). (Baseball Primer)

World Series Prospectus by Chris Kahrl and Keith Scherer. "The core story is that we've got two very evenly matched teams who arrived at this point after a wee bit of dragon slaying. How their duel plays out should make for a great series whether it goes four games or seven." (Baseball Prospectus)

Chat wrap with Dave Pease, Chris Kahrl and Rany Jazayerli. Took place during and after Game 2 of the World Series. Rany: "It wouldn't surprise me if both of these teams finished under .500 next season, assuming Kent doesn't resign with the Giants. Realistically, I think the Giants will be competitive next year, because Bonds is still Bonds and I really do believe that Jason Schmidt is ascending to the next level. The Angels? I've been calling them the second coming of the 1988 Dodgers for over a month now. The 1989 Dodgers finished 77-83." (

Pinstripes is listed on the left as a team-specific (NYY) weblog, but LD's been doing a great job blogging the Series. Check it out.

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