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Monday, September 23, 2002
Looks like we're back in business. Last week, Baseball News Blog disappeared unexpectedly. I "fixed" the problem after a few days by changing the URL to (note hyphen). And now that I've told all my closest friends about the address change, the old address is operational again. I think I'll keep both addresses alive for now. Don't cost nothing.

Chris Kahrl's Transaction Analysis for September 11-15. "The interesting contest in the AL Central is among the young catching all five teams can boast...No, it isn't Piazza and Posada, but all five teams have interesting choices to make in the next couple of seasons, and most of these guys are plausible starters or prospects." (Baseball Prospectus)

Chris Kahrl: "The most basic problem this year's Braves team has is its lineup. Make no bones about it, the Braves are the weakest of the NL teams headed into the postseason." (

Derek Zumsteg proposes some new awards. "Sure, we had the Hank Aaron Award, which was supposed to clear some of this up, but MLB managed to botch that (way to honor Hank there, by the way). Some may argue we don't need any more awards. But if three/league are good (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year), I say, the more the better. As rosters expand, so should our hearts." (Baseball Prospectus)

Baker's Dozen: The week in preview. "The Cardinals sure are in a nice 91 to 95 or 96-win groove these past few years. The Diamondbacks, however, are one of the minority World Series champion teams to better their record the following season." (

Jim Caple: "I like that David Wells used to go out to the mound with his shirt unbuttoned. I like that Eric Gagne wears the same sweat-stained cap the entire season. I like that Seattle's Charles Gipson wears his pants a little baggy and his blue socks up to just under his knees." (

Rob Neyer: "I don't watch baseball to see players expressing their sartorial tastes, I watch baseball to see players playing as well as they can. If I had my druthers, all 25 players on each club would be compelled to wear their uniforms exactly the same, like the Reds were back in the days of the Big Red Machine." (

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